Ballarat accounting services

Accounting and taxation is about so much more than compliance. At Mulcahy & Co we provide Ballarat accounting services, taxation services, advice and support to ensure you get the best value for your dollar.

The first question our Ballarat accountants will ask any client or prospective accounting client is: are you financially secure? The number one aim and mission of our accounting services is to ensure our clients understand what it means to be financially secure, and achieve or maintain that security.

At Mulcahy & Co, we offer cloud accounting services and partner with lead cloud accounting software providers Xero, which we also use for our Ballarat bookkeeping services. We provide Xero software setup and Xero bookkeeping in Ballarat and surrounds.

Our Ballarat accountants are experienced and professional business planners. We offer end-to-end business planning services including expert advice and support in building a business, business health checks, business succession planning, starting a business and strategic planning.

At Mulcahy & Co, taxation and accounting assistance for individuals are another strong point of our services. Our Ballarat tax accountants are the best in the business, while we also specialise in assisting clients with accessing government services such as youth allowance and pensions.  Need help with your ATO tax return?  Give us a call today.

SMSF compliance assistance and support and succession planning are also among our Ballarat accounting and tax accounting services. Contact us for more information or to speak to one of our professional tax accountants in Ballarat.


As a leading Ballarat accounting services firm, we pride ourselves on the quality of accounting services, advice and support we offer our clients. At Mulcahy & Co, our qualified and professional accountants value our clients’ money as much as they do, therefore we ensure we are equipped with all the knowledge and expertise needed to...

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At Mulcahy & Co, we provide fully automated systemised bookkeeping services in Ballarat. The days of painstaking and tedious manual data entry are over, with cloud accounting software revolutionising the way you undertake your bookkeeping. We are dedicated to providing your business with an integrated and mobile solution to all your bookkeeping needs. We specialise in...

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Business Planning

At Mulcahy & Co, we understand that business owners face a lot of challenges. After all, we are business owners ourselves. On top of our qualifications and training, our experience in setting up and managing a business positions us as your best choice when it comes to choosing business planners in Ballarat. Owning a business...

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Cloud Accounting

If you have ever used online banking or email, then you have used cloud technology. When you think about those concepts then it is plain to see that accounting software and the cloud go hand-in-hand. At Mulcahy & Co, we are proud to partner with leading software providers, including Xero, to deliver the benefits of...

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Government Services

Navigating your way through government services can be difficult. You may not know exactly what you are entitled to or where to find the correct information, or you may need direction or support in applying for entitlements and ensuring you fit the criteria and have all the correct documentation. At Mulcahy & Co our professional...

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While Mulcahy & Co are specialist Ballarat business planners, bookkeepers and accountants for businesses, we continue to maintain a strong focus on our individual clients. By being able to provide individual clients with a complete range of financial solutions, we are able to offer a complete package to individuals to help them achieve financial goals...

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SMSF Compliance

Self-managed super funds are most beneficial when they are fully compliant with taxation and superannuation laws, which can change. When compliant, an SMSF is a tax effective method of building wealth. However if your fund is non-compliant, you risk reducing your taxation benefits. At Mulcahy & Co, we are experts when it comes to SMSF...

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Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process to transfer business assets and management to the next generation, safely and securely. As retirement is inevitable for all business owners, succession planning is vital for the long-term survival of private businesses and farming enterprises. You may have heard the phrase ‘succession planning is not an event, it is a process’....

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At Mulcahy & Co, our tax accountants are experts when it comes to all things tax and pride themselves on the extent and quality of the taxation services we provide.  We can help with your ATO tax return today. Almost every individual or business that pays tax will require taxation services at some point. Many...

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