Delivering the benefits of cloud accounting in Ballarat

If you have ever used online banking or email, then you have used cloud technology. When you think about those concepts then it is plain to see that accounting software and the cloud go hand-in-hand. At Mulcahy & Co, we are proud to partner with leading software providers, including Xero, to deliver the benefits of cloud accounting to our clients in Ballarat and the surrounding region.

If you’ve read anything about new age accounting software, the odds are you’ll have come across references to cloud technology and cloud accounting.

How would cloud accounting benefit your Ballarat business?

Essentially, accounting software with a cloud component enables accounting data to be stored securely offsite – usually on servers managed by a cloud provider – and accessed remotely by you anywhere, anytime via the internet. Mulcahy & Co’s accounting services include providing Ballarat cloud accounting services and Xero software setup for businesses.

Xero software setup specialists, Ballarat

Xero’s cloud software collaborates all the information accountants need in one simple and user-friendly platform. Cloud accounting with Xero software allows businesses to manage client accounts and internal workflow with ease. At Mulcahy & Co, we can’t recommend Xero software enough for cloud accounting in Ballarat. We also offer Xero software setup for our Ballarat Xero bookkeeping services.

Large businesses have been using private clouds for many years to help facilitate multiple users accessing central business systems at the one time. Now we are seeing the emergence of a number of affordable solutions for small to medium businesses, so that you can take advantage of the same technology big businesses use to drive efficiency, enhance the customer experience and keep up with the competition.

At Mulcahy & Co, we are your specialists when it comes to cloud accounting and Xero software setup in Ballarat. We can provide assistance and support in tailoring a cloud accounting software setup that will revolutionise the way you do business.