image/svg+xml 12 Steps to Success
  • Goals and objectivesPicture yourself in 10 years time... Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there? Being clear on your goals and objectives ensures you can develop a strategy to achieve them.
  • Estate plan Only assets owned in your name are covered by your will. Your Estate Plan protects your family from the potential threats that your ill does not.
  • Risk plan Your Risk Plan addresses whether you need to save or insure to protect your family's financial security in the event of an injury, accident or death.
  • Asset protection plan An Asset Protection Plan makes sure your assets are owned in the right names or entities so you limit the risk of them being exposed to creditors.
  • Taxation plan A Taxation Plan structures your affairs so that you legally pay the least amount of tax and retain more of your income.
  • Debt plan A Debt Plan ensures your assets aren't over exposed to debt and structures your debt to maximise tax deductibility of the interest.
  • Retirement plan Retirement is setting the date when you can choose to stop work. Your Retirement Plan details the income and assets you need (in addition to superannuation) to retire and outlines the steps to get there.
  • Investment plan An Investment Plan will increase your asset base, while focusing on preserving your capital and managing your risks, to meet your personal and financial goals.
  • I.T. plan Your data, your email, your devices – they play a key role in the smooth running of your business. Backups, workflow and ongoing maintenance of technology can be a game changer.
  • Marketing plan Promoting your business to potential clients has many working parts. Generating enquiry and building your brand is key to your business success.
  • Business plan Your Business Plan may be the main source of your wealth. The 5 Drivers to Business Success are the key to developing a business which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Superannuation plan Many people miss out on the enormous tax benefits of superannuation. A Superannuation Plan will ensure you have a strategy to produce greater wealth at retirement.

Professional services for financial security

We all want financial security. Some people might have it and need advice on maximising and maintaining their financial position, others might be striving for financial security but need help and support in getting there.

When a new client comes to see a Ballarat accountant at Mulcahy & Co, they will be asked the question: ‘Are You Financially Secure?’ This question is the first step in ascertaining how your accountant can help, which we can do with everything from accounting services to bookkeeping and financial planning.

At Mulcahy & Co, we believe it is crucial to not only achieve financial security for our clients, but to help them understand what it means to be financially secure. Clients will achieve this with our Ballarat accountants by assessing personal and business goals and developing a plan to achieve them.

Our mission is to help committed clients achieve financial security. We offer a complimentary assessment to help clients identify how then can achieve their goals.

Your complimentary assessment will help you to:

  • Understand your current financial situation
  • Discuss and establish goals
  • Understand options to implement and achieve your goals
  • Understand how doing nothing is sometimes the biggest risk
  • Realise what can be achieved

Contact us to book a time for your complimentary assessment meeting to see if you are on track. You can also download our ‘Are You Financially Secure?’ brochure below, or scroll through the graphic to find out more.