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Agriculture is back on trend- let’s talk succession.

Agri Business: 09/08/2019

Succession can be defined as, ‘a process by which individuals are scanned to pass on the leadership role within a company’. The process ensures that the business continues to operate efficiently without the presence of people who were once holding key positions as they must have retired or resigned for example.‘Succession Planning’ is on trend...

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Why purchase an ex dairy farm for a conversion?

Agri Business: 31/07/2019

When you see people paying over $4,000ac for cropping ground at Lake Bolac (average rainfall 512mm), but you can buy land around Timboon for between $4,500- $5,500 (average rainfall 956mm) where would you rather your purchase be? Over the past two years there has been a change in the agricultural profile surrounding the southwest region....

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Farm Interest Rates – It’s Getting Interesting!

Agri Business: 04/02/2019

It is very likely we are going to see an interest rate reduction by the RBA this year.  As we approached the end of 2018 it became apparent that the economy was starting to slow.  This was highlighted by the reduction in property values in Melbourne and Sydney. Below is a graph of interest rates over...

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Effects of the Royal Commission

Agri Business: 20/12/2018

There has been so much talk in the media about the recent Royal Commission and what is happening with borrowing money right now. The most frequently asked question that I get is “Have the banks cracked down on lending”. Well the answer is no they haven’t cracked down on lending money, the policies that bring...

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Drought Assistance Available

Agri Business: 27/11/2018

Are you wondering what financial support is available to help you get through the drought or to help you to prepare for the future? The government has released funding options and incentives to help those currently experiencing drought in Australia by trying to reduce the financial burden for primary producers. The first of these is...

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How to set up 2 Step Xero Authentication

Agri Business: 16/10/2018

Are you having trouble setting up your 2 Step Xero Authentication? Read our easy to follow instructions to learn how.. ​1. Firstly, you will need to have an authenticator app installed on your phone (Google Authenticator). 2. To do this, you’ll need to go to the app store or google play to download the app...

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Drought Loans

Agri Business: 02/10/2018

The government is providing help to those currently experiencing drought in Australia by trying to reduce the financial burden for primary producers. The loan scheme is available for the following activities: Drought Preparedness Management & Recovery Activities Refinancing (restructure of current debt) Accessing new debt for both operational & capital expenditure. Specific criteria must be...

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