Ballarat cloud services and hosting setup

Cloud exchange

A hosted exchange with Mulcahy & Co IT gives you the flexibility of deploying enterprise-class email and sharing features, without the added cost and headache of purchasing and maintaining servers on-site. With advanced security and reliability, your business’s sensitive information is protected.

Every exchange plan features the following benefits:

  • Mobile device access (BYOD)
  • Desktop access
  • Web access (Outlook web access)
  • Calendar sharing
  • Distribution lists
  • Email aliases
  • Easy email configuration
  • Data protected by live replication between geographically disperse data centres
  • Backup retention
  • Email protection designed to block 99.9% of spam, malware and phishing emails

Company hosting

Company hosting allows for the hosting of applications the client provides and hosting of the client’s company data. The company will provide the following services:

Anti-virus and spam

  • All incoming emails will be scanned for viruses and spam.
  • All file storage will be scanned for viruses every 24 hours as well as resident protection (real time)

File storage

  • Inclusive of 10GB storage, more available as required

Data backup and security

  • Backups will be made every 24 hours of all user/company data
  • A copy is maintained on-site and a copy taken off-site
  • Backups are maintained for six months – backups can be made more often or kept for a longer period if required – an extra cost will apply
  • All systems are maintained in a secure environment with physical access restricted to Mulcahy & Co IT staff

Microsoft Office user (business user)

The client user has full access to all the client’s applications and data as well as Microsoft Office applications including Outlook email plus an additional 5 GB of storage.

Standard user

The client user has access to the client’s applications and data.

Email-only user

The client user has access to only the client’s email system.

Email domain hosting

The company hosts the client’s whole email server. This will enable the client to access to their email on any device at work or home, including smart phones.

DNS hosting

The company will host the client’s supplied Domain Name System (DNS) records.

Cloud servers

Mulcahy & Co offers the flexibility of a server environment tailored for your business’s individual needs, without the headache of purchasing expensive hardware with a limited life-span.

All our Ballarat cloud servers are designed to be highly available, reliable, and scalable to grow with your business and are implemented in your own personal private cloud. The private cloud is designed to securely house your critical business virtual machines and data, keeping them in their own isolated network. Every Mulcahy & Co-hosted cloud server and private cloud includes the following features:

  • Tailored to your business’s needs
  • 7-day backup retention for quick restore
  • Pay for what you use with custom resources
  • Change resource reservations at any time
  • All resources that you pay for are reserved solely for your cloud servers – no competition for resources
  • Highly available with local hardware clustering and remote replication
  • Management application is available
  • Every private cloud network is accessible from the internet with a unique public IP address giving your business an identity on the internet

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