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General News: 13/11/2017

Redundancy is when your position is no longer required within the organisation or your employer becomes bankrupt or insolvent. Unfortunately having your job made redundant is becoming more common due to our forever advancing workplaces. Below is a summary of your entitlements and the taxation implication should this occur to you. Please note if you...

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Farmers coping with frost damage

Agri Business: 09/11/2017

We were so close!  The frost last weekend seems to have caused widespread damage across southern Victoria.  The full extent of the damage is not yet known and probably won’t be completely understood until the header is in the paddock.  We have been doing the numbers on hay for a few clients and reassessing budgets...

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Payroll Tax Discounts for Regional Employers

General News: 11/09/2017

As of the 1st July, 2017 Victorian Regional Employers will receive a discount to the amount of payroll tax they are charged. Up until 30th June 2017 all employers paying wages over $575,000 would be charged 4.85% on every $1 over this threshold. As part of State Budget changes Regional Employers will be given a...

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Corporate Appetite for Australian Farms Set to Continue

General News: 28/08/2017

This is not good news if you are a local farmer trying to expand! The Australian Farmland Index which monitors 57 corporate farms across Australia recorded a 16.89 percent total return for the 12 months to March 2017.  This was made up of income returns of 8.06 per cent and capital growth of 8.42 per...

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End of Another Financial Year

General News: 05/07/2017

It’s hard to believe, but 30th June 2017 is now but a distant memory and a new financial year is upon us. You know what that means! Yes, it’s tax time again. Bearing this in mind, you may be interested to know the following: It’s hard to believe, but 30th June 2017 is now but...

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**Important** Individual Tax Return Deductions

General News: 26/06/2017

It’s important to know what you can deduct when it comes to your individual tax return, and how to best maximise your return. To claim a work related deduction, you must have spent money yourself without reimbursement and it must be work related. Vehicle and Travel Expenses You are able to claim vehicle and travel...

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Ballarat accountants for farm business planning

General News: 15/06/2017

The coarse grain stocks globally are full, on a positive note it is rumoured that the Chinese stocks have been spoiled due to the wetter than expected conditions. Therefore, they will be looking to reenter the market in coming months to sure up their human consumption supplies again. Cereal-prices expected to remain low Canola- mid...

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Ballarat Farm accountants understand the grain market

General News: 02/06/2017

With limited ability to influence the market and differentiate when trying to market a bulk commodity we must look to other strategies to increase farm business profitability.  (Production x Prices)- Expenses= Profit; as the producers, there are three opportunities to review profitability, production, cost and price. Sow.. If majority of us are sellers, what do...

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Ballarat Farm Accountants Plan for 2017

Farming News / General News: 18/05/2017

It’s murphies law isn’t it; grain growers are coming off one of the best seasons in terms of yield, but are struggling to comprehend the low prices being offered for their commodities. At Mulcahy and Co, farm accountants for Ballarat and district, we can help you to understand what to do this year. The 2016/17...

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