Ballarat business acquisitions

Whether you are buying or selling a business, our legal team at Mulcahy & Co can assist with business acquisitions in Ballarat and maximise the value of your transaction.

Like with our business agreements, we provide a range of support services when it comes to business acquisitions. Our legal team can assist in negotiations, management of due diligence and valuations, preparation of contracts and documentation, transaction structuring and deal execution.

At Mulcahy & Co, we work with our clients to ensure they receive the best possible legal advice when undertaking business acquisitions in Ballarat. We specialise in business law and recommend legal advice be sought at an early stage, even for support and direction in determining what exactly you are obtaining. Our role in business acquisitions can then extend as far as that of a negotiator or tactician.

As your solicitor, we will draft, negotiate and provide advice on all your legal documents throughout the business acquisition process. It is our role to ensure that business acquisitions are accurately documented from the perspective of all parties.

At Mulcahy & Co, our solicitors understand that you want the smoothest transition possible into your new venture. That’s why we place so much importance on the business acquisition process and ensure all details are documented accurately and contracts are air tight. If the business you are acquiring has overhanging employee or debtor issues, it will be clarified in the contract – and so on.

Our legal team are your specialists when it comes to business acquisitions in Ballarat. We work with clients, as a team, to ensure you get what you paid for, or receive fair value for your business.