Mulcahy & Co client reviews

At Mulcahy & Co, we measure ourselves against client satisfaction. Whether it’s Ballarat accounting and taxation, financial planning, legal services or information technology services, we exist purely to help our clients achieve their goals.

Here is what some of our clients have said about our services.

I came across Mulcahy Agri Solutions at Tatura Dairy Week 2018- the service this company was providing excited me and that is where my experience started!

Previously I had other advisors involved in our business continue to tell me that Xero was all we needed. We love Xero and it is great for our bookkeeping/accounting needs, but we were lacking a key component, that was the budgeting & production data management. We had been looking for a program that could possibly do this type of report generation and had come across Figured, but we needed not software, but the support & expertise that is needed along the side of running this type of program- hence becoming involved with Mulcahy Agri.

Everyone knows that dairy farmers are going through a rough time and we are making big decisions and we needed a service that provided us with confidence in our numbers and, Figured & Mulcahy Agri have done that. With this team in a timely manner I was able to finalise two completely different scenarios both over two-year periods & get a clear picture of the projected outcomes. I was prepared, the reports looked professional and I felt confident in our numbers ready to present to the relevant parties.

Mulcahy Agri provides the relevant support and advice on how to best use the program & is responsive to anything I may be having trouble with. Although Figured is relatively new in the game of software they are progressing in terms of providing a wider array of reports & improving the user experience of the program. The team at Mulcahy’s are always up to date with any changes to the program, have suggestions on how best to use & complete tasks within the program and make sure I am across them as they are released. I am excited to continue to work with the Mulcahy team to see the results of this great combination.

AnnieNorthern Victoria

“We started using Mulcahy & Co Agri Solutions after changing our accounting practices to Mulcahy & Co 12 months ago. It was a great change for our business, they have taken the time to understand us, our business and our future direction.

Mulcahy & Co Agri Solutions have helped us to develop a better relationship with our financial institution, resulting in reduced interest rates which in the long term is a great outcome for our business.

Mulcahy & Co Agri Solutions communicate regularly, respond quickly and provide appropriate resources on hot topics. We now feel we have a better understanding of our financial situation in real-time and feel confident that we can discuss our business with people that understand, and take a genuine interest in our business and family.”

JohnWestern District, Victoria Client since 2012

Mulcahy & Co was engaged in 2015 to assist with due diligence supporting the acquisition of an established Australian company. Throughout the long and protracted acquisition process, the team at Mulcahys led by Mark Cunningham was instrumental in protecting our interests and ensuring a successful transaction.

We have since expanded use of Mulcahy & Co services to include management of all corporate and personal tax affairs, SMSF management, financial planning, accounting services and insurance placement. Mark and the team continue to deliver invaluable advice, expertise and tangible financial benefit across our portfolio.

I would highly recommend Mark and the team at Mulcahy & Co.

Sarah Pavy & Ian MosesClient since 2015

When I became a client of Mulcahy & Co Financial Planning back in 2016, I took out income protection insurance as I was a self-employed carpenter at the time. The reason why I took out this cover was to ensure if something were to happen to me I would have enough income.

I then became an employee of a company as a site foreman and believed that income protection was not applicable to me as I didn’t have a business to look after. Therefore, I wanted to cancel my cover.

After consulting Thayne, he recommended that I keep my income protection insurance in the event I become self-employed again. Thayne advised If I were to try and get income protection insurance at a later date as a self-employed carpenter I would need to show business financials for the past 2 years at minimum.

A couple of years later I ended up starting my business again. Not long after I was playing footy and did my ACL. If it wasn’t for Thayne, I wouldn’t have any income.

Throughout the claim process, Arlan and Tanner worked tirelessly to make sure the claim was submitted correctly so that I would be paid my benefit. I am very grateful for this as it allowed me to keep my business and maintain my financial security.

Trent NesbittClient since 2016

We have known Melissa for seven years and It was devastating to us when we were told Melissa had left the previous accounting firm that she had worked for, as that was the only reason we had stayed with them. We were completely dissatisfied with the service of that accounting firm and Melissa had been the only saving grace, due to her pride in her work.

With our bad experiences she was the only one we trusted, to complete our personal income & SMSF Tax Returns.

We would like to express what an amazing accountant and considerate person she is.  She has incredible work ethics, accounting knowledge and attention to detail. Additionally, she always answers our many questions within timeframes we require which is so important to us.

An example of Melissa’s work ethics: She completed over 85% of our SMSF tax return YE June 2016, when not required to do so, before she left her former job in 2016.  It’s evident Melissa’s has commitment to finish each client’s complex returns as best before leaving her previous company. This made it easy for everyone concerned. It also meant we didn’t have to worry about our returns especially due to the complexity & red tape.

A google search indicated Melissa shifted to Mulcahy & Co which enabled us to reconnect.  We are grateful we can continue as Melissa’s clients after tracking her down.

It is worth noting we travel from Melbourne to Ballarat, and we will continue to do so because Melissa is invaluable to us on so many levels.

For the above reasons, we have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to anyone.

Paul and Lucy KeenanClient since 2017

Melissa Cunliffe has been our Accountant for the last 7 years.

Mel has developed a deep understanding of our taxation and business requirements and we have dealt with her regarding various matters relating to our family business and personal issues.

Our business, a farming enterprise, is of a complex operation and Mel manages all aspects of this extremely well and to our satisfaction, ensuring probity and ethics are maintained at all times.

Mel’s professional attitude, attention to detail, communication and prompt advice has been invaluable to both business and personal fiscal issues.

For this reason, we have remained as one of Melissa’s clients, even shifting accounting firms to follow her, and will continue to remain one of Mel’s clients well into the future.

As highlighted above, we hold Mel to the highest regard and have no problem in recommending Mel to all our family, friends and associates in her professional capacity as our accountant.

Doug and Judy HuckerClient since 2016

I would like to thank you for the consistently supportive insights and advice that you provide. As a busy professional, I don’t have the time or knowledge to manage my financial portfolio effectively, so am happy to trust you to do so. I also enjoy having my accountant working with my financial advisor (plus legal advice when required) to offer such an integrated approach to the management of my financial assets.

Helen VenablesBuninyong

Melissa Cunliffe has been my Accountant for the last 7 years and in that time, I have dealt with her regarding various matters relating to my family, business and personal tax issues. When Melissa changed to another accounting firm I tracked her down as I didn’t want anyone else but her to continue my financial affairs. Her professional attitude, attention to detail, communication and advice have been invaluable to both me and my businesses. I have a complex operation and she manages all aspects of this extremely well. I have and will continue to recommend Mel to other people and hold her in the highest regard not only as my accountant but also as a lovely person.

Brett & Jennifer DouglasBA & JA DouglasSt Arnaud Client since 2016

In June 2016, we were referred to Thayne Turley at Mulcahy’s through close friends of ours. We had been discussing financial advisers, and in particular how disappointed we had become, not being able to find an advisor which we felt cared about us and our needs. My wife and I made an appointment to meet with Thayne, and subsequently Tamara Vawdrey, and found a refreshing approach. Before we even started on a strategy to work towards transitioning to retirement, we felt they wanted to know more about us on a personal level, in order to best take us forward. They were very professional, courteous, and listened to our concerns. Each time we had a question or query, it was dealt with promptly and pleasantly. We are now very comfortable with our affairs, and actually look forward to meeting with them each time. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anybody looking for a reliable, genuine and reputable financial adviser.

Murray SmallhornAESC - National Engineering ManagerClient since 2016

The first meeting we had with Chris was like a breath of fresh air. They have  a genuine  interest and knowledge of farming that has helped us grow with confidence. Regular management meetings keeps us all informed and on top of things. Being able to access the full range of services at Mulcahy & Co made our succession and estate planning process relatively straightforward.

Joe and Kathy TuckerMaroona Client since 2006

Thanks to the good advice and guidance from Mulcahy & Co, we are now able to enjoy our retirement without having the stress of worrying about our finances. As retirees, we are financially secure and able to live the lifestyle we were accustomed to before retirement, but with more time to enjoy holidays, travel and leisure activities.

Always greeted with a friendly smile, the professional team at Mulcahy & Co continue to make us feel comfortable and at ease, welcoming any questions we might have.  With the SMSF department, Financial Planning, Accounting and Legal all available at Mulcahy & Co, it’s a “one-stop shop” with the benefit of the specialists all working together to ensure all of our needs are met.

Bev & Haydn HowlettClient since 2003

We have been extremely fortunate to have been an original client of Mulcahy & Co. and continued our business together over the past 18 years. With their professional, personal and caring attitude our business has been very successful.

The team at Mulcahy & Co keep us up to date with all new changes that could effect our business. We feel privileged to have personal attention in a professional and approachable way.

Draffin Transport specialises in bulk transport, both local and interstate and is based 40km west of Ballarat.

Kay and Howard DraffinDraffin Transport

From completing my tax with Mulcahy & Co, it was suggested I implement Income Protection cover which would not only be worthwhile considering I don’t have sick or annual leave as a self-employed carpenter, but I’d be able to claim the annual premium as a tax deduction.

I’m very grateful for the cover and would recommend it to anyone.

Brian Moran

When I first took out Trauma cover a few years ago, it’s not something I ever thought I would have to claim on. So when the time came to make a claim and I was paid a lump sum amount (tax-free), I was relieved that the stress of any outstanding debts had been removed and I could focus on my recovery.

The team at Mulcahy & Co made the whole claim process easy and arranged it for me, nothing was too much trouble.

I’m appreciative of the advice given to me from Thayne Turley and the team at Mulcahy & Co Financial Planning.

Daniel Meagher

It was a few years ago I implemented Income Protection for the peace of mind in case something happened. I’m now glad I took action and implemented the cover as I recently just had my shoulder re-constructed which I’m likely to have up to three months off work by the time I’ve finished rehab and physio.

As a self-employed carpenter, the cover has been well worth the investment which has given me peace mind to concentrate on my rehab.

I also thought it was going to be difficult to get paid based on what I actually earn however; thanks to Thayne Turley and the team at Mulcahy & Co this was all guaranteed.

Daniel James

We appreciate the personal attention we get at Mulcahy & Co, at any time we can speak with whoever we need to and believe the support and advice allow us to be responsive in our business. There is a certain piece of mind you get when you know your financial affairs are being well cared for and that you can get advice when you need it and more importantly we can rely on that advice to be correct every time.

The fact that all departments work together allows us to get on with our business knowing that in the background our Lending and Financial Planning needs are being met by the professionals at Mulcahy & Co.

Peter and Shelley DaviesEvolution Kitchens & CabinetsMaryborough Client since 2003

We really like the fact that all of our business matters can be addressed in house, we use all four departments of Mulcahy & Co and these departments communicate effectively with each other to gain the best possible outcome for our business.

Barry and Susan BrowningBakers DelightWendouree Client since 2003

Mulcahy and Co treat our business just like it is their business, we get close personal attention, from all the different departments of Mulcahy and Co, that is efficient, reliable and responsive.

Paul and Jeanne ThomsonVoyager InteriorsBallarat and Richmond

Mulcahy and Co look into our business from an external point of view which allows them to be a voice of reason with a no nonsense and easy to understand approach.

Tony Douglass and Tim Valpiedhockingstuart Ballarat and DaylesfordClient since 2003

The entire team at Mulcahy & Co cares about my business and they are genuinely interested. It is with the highest regard and confidence that I have referred both friends and clients to Mulcahy & Co.

Brett FooteChiropractor